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Benefits of Hair Removal Via Laser Treatments

Hair Removal Using Laser Treatment
The average woman spends around $10,000 in her lifetime on shaving soaps, lotions, razors, and other items. Added to the expense of shaving, common issues with regular shaving include razor burns, bumps and irritation, and even infected hair follicles, particularly around intimate areas.
If you shave every day or even a few times a month, then permanent hair removal provides many benefits worth looking into. A new and innovative form hair removal therapy is Cutera CoolGlide, which offers deep laser light penetration along with a cooling sensation to provide permanent, beautiful, and safe results for smoother, hair-free skin.
Here are benefits of laser hair removal, especially if you have been considering electrolysis or other salon treatments for hair-free solutions. Your laser therapy specialist will show you the difference between laser hair removal and electrolysis treatments so you know which is best for your needs.
Laser Therapy Targets Hair Follicles
Traditional shaving lasts only around two or three days before the skin starts to feel prickly again. When you shave, you only remove the hair at surface level, leaving the hair follicle unaffected and able to quickly regrow hair.
With laser therapy, hair removal can be semi-permanent in the areas treated because pulses of laser light are sent to the hair follicles to weaken or diminish hair production. This treatment results in less hair growth in treated areas or finer hair. With repeated treatments, hair may not grow back in unwanted areas at all.
Another treatment option is electrolysis, which is a permanent hair removal treatment, although hair follicles often require many treatments to see results.
Laser Therapy Is Cost-Effective
The American Society of Plastic Surgeons report that the average laser therapy hair removal session costs around $235. The average treated area takes multiple sessions for hair removal results. Compared to what is spent on shaving - not including the opportunity cost in the time it takes to shave - laser therapy can actually be the more cost-effective option for hair removal over traditional shaving.
Once hair is removed, you will need to have those areas maintained once or twice a year. How many sessions you'll need is determined by where you want to lose hair, the density of your hair, and other factors.
Laser Therapy Is Comfortable
Laser therapy is the more popular choice for people wishing to permanently get rid of unwanted body hair because the process is effective and more comfortable than classic electrolysis. Rather than shock hair follicles with electrical pulses or poking the skin with tiny needles like electrolysis requires, the light waves sent to hair follicles result in a slight sensation that many patients barely feel when they undergo laser therapy treatments.
You may be able to have a topical anesthetic placed on the treated areas prior to receiving CoolGlide laser therapy, however, the treatment may be less uncomfortable than nicking yourself while shaving with a traditional razor, and it won't leave razor burn or dryness behind. In most cases, gently icing the treated areas after a session is all that's required for recovery.
Laser Therapy Is Safe
As long as you have your treatments done by a licensed salon or medical cosmetic consultant, laser therapy is a safe way to remove unwanted hair. You will wear protective eyewear during your procedure to keep laser lights from harming your eyes, and treatments will only be done in a sterile environment.
Risks are associated with any type of cosmetic treatment, so speak to your laser therapy consultant prior to beginning sessions.
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