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What's the Right Age to Start Botox?

A Botox Injection
Botox injections top the minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures list, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. With 7.2 million procedures done in 2017, the number of people using this injectable is on the rise. Not only is the number of people who use Botox growing, but the age range of patients getting this injection is also widening.

What is the right age to get Botox? When it comes down to it, what helps patients to decide when to get this injectable often depends on their skin's tone and the development of lines over age. Whether you're already set to have an injection or you just want to decide whether it's right for you, take a look at what you need to know about age and Botox.

FDA Approval

Even though Botox is made from the same bacteria that causes botulism, it doesn't have the same illness inducing effect. Instead, it temporarily weakens the muscles under the skin, smoothing fine lines.

Botox Cosmetic is currently FDA approved for smoothing glabellar lines (between the eyebrows), crow's feet lines, and forehead lines. Even though it is FDA approved, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration didn't approve it for everyone. The cosmetic version of the injectable (Botox Cosmetic) is only recommended for adults over 18.

While Botox (not Botox Cosmetic) is FDA approved for children 12 and over to treat strabismus or blepharospasm, this does not in any way mean that it's acceptable for children to use in a cosmetic way.

Botox used for specific health conditions (such as strabismus) and Botox used to smooth wrinkles are distinctly different medically. This distinction affects the age-related guidelines, making it acceptable for a young teen to have Botox for the health-related reason of strabismus, but not for the cosmetic-related reason of smoothing forehead lines.

Young Patients

Gone are the days when middle-aged women were the perfect picture of the typical Botox patient. A growing group of younger patients (millennials) are choosing to start Botox earlier on - women (and men) in their twenties are starting to get Botox.

When it comes to getting Botox, the patient needs to have some sort of fine lines or risk of developing fine lines for the injectable to work. Some young patients choose to get Botox as a preventative measure, to prevent fine lines from ever cropping up. If you're in your twenties and have a high risk for developing fine lines early on, Botox may be an acceptable option.

What puts a patient at risk for developing fine lines early on? Constant squinting, which you might find in someone who stares at a computer screen all day, is a factor that may increase the likelihood of developing lines. Along with this factor, frowning constantly or a genetic predisposition may also raise the risks of wrinkles/fine lines.

If you have only light lines or no lines at all, are in your early twenties, or have no risk factors, you may want to hold off on getting these injections for a few years. Even though this is a minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure, it is still a medical injection with a prescription drug. As with any other medication, Botox comes with potentially serious side effects. Putting yourself at risk when there's no need for the injections may not be worth it in the long run.

Thirty to Forty

Patients in their thirties may start seeing noticeable fine lines - especially if they squint, frown, make repetitive facial gestures or have sun damage. While the mid-twenties may seem like an age range that's too young for some patients to get Botox, the thirty to forty decade is a time when this injectable may realistically help. Some patients, who don't have extensive lines, can also use Botox during their thirties as a preventative measure.

Forty Plus

In many cases, 40 is an ideal age to start seriously considering Botox. Even though it's an increasingly popular choice to use this product earlier on, during your forties you're more likely to have the fine lines that Botox will smooth.

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